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"SAN STANDARD" Ltd. - Notified Certification Body for the products and management systens providing a wide range of professional services in the field of certification, conformity assessment and state permitions, by means of cooperation with a large range certification body and testing laboratories and services in Ukraine.

Our services:
  • Food products, canned food;
  • Drinks, including alcoholic;
  • Dishes of ferrous and nonferrous metals, porcelain, earthenware and glass;
  • Construction building materials and design;
  • Pipes, fittings, control valves, connections;
  • Boilers, Radiators, Heating Technology;
  • Cable and wire products;
  • Hand-held electromechanical machines, portable machines and tools Fitter;
  • The industrial equipment for metals and timber treatment;
  • Chemical sources of electric current;
  • Washing-up liquids, household chemical goods, Detergents;
  • Toys, bicycles, baby carriages and their component parts;
  • Electro domestic, Household and similar equipment;
  • Radio-electronic equipment, household, video, television display technology, computers;
  • Medical equipment and medical facilities;
  • Etc.
  • Technical Regulation on safety of machines.
  • Technical regulations on safety of toys
  • Technical regulations on electromagnetic compatibility of equipment
  • Technical regulations on safety of low-voltage electricals’ equipment
  • Technical regulations of detergents
  • Схемы сертификации
  • Бланк заявки на сертификацию
  • Опис прав і зобов'язань замовника

Our goal

We set the main goal  is satisfying the desires  of our clients, establishment long-term partnerships, carry out  consumer service for businesses which  has a constant needs  in the field of conformity assessment and certification.




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Address: Ukraine 04050, Kiev,
st. Glybochitska 32B, office 147
(044) 228-84-29
(067) 479-47-47
(066) 721-06-59
E-mail: centre_test@ukr.net